Building Permits -
 Commercial - Tenant Improvement - Hotel or Motel

Application and Forms:

Building Permit Application(Other Applicant)

Building Permit Application(Owner-Builder)

Electrical-Mechanical-Plumbing Permit Application (Other Applicant)

Electrical-Mechanical-Plumbing Permit Application (Owner-Builder)

Hazardous Materials/Waste Disclosure

Revision/Deferred Submittal Application

Sewer Needs Inquiry

Sewer Needs Questionnaire

Permit Fees:

Hotel or Motel Tenant Improvement Submittal Requirements:

Blueprint for a Clean Bay (Sheet CB-1)

Businesses requiring approval from San Jose/Santa Clara Water Pollution Control Plant

Tenant Improvement Detailed Plan Requirements

Tenant Improvement Submittal Requirements

Prior to beginning plan preparation, contact Engineering at (408) 586-3329, Planning at (408) 586-3279, Fire at (408) 586-3365 and Utility at (408) 586-3345 to find out project feasibility and requirements.

Plan Check Information:

Express Plan Check

Outside Plan Check

Overtime Plan Check

Plan Check by Appointment

Plan Check Turn Around Time

Design Guidelines & Plan Review Checklist:

General Commercial Architectural

Hotels and Motels Architectural

Floor Mounted Equipment Anchorage

Storage Rack Anchorage

Inspection Information:

Building Inspection Procedure

Final Inspection Checklist

Special Inspection Testing Schedule & Agreement and Recognized Agencies

Structural Observation Agreement Form

Structural Observation Final Compliance Report

Other Related Documents:

Application for Alternate Materials, Design & Methods of Construction

Application for Authorization to Occupy Before Permit Final

Application for Extension of Expired Permits

Application for Extension of Expired Plan Check

Application for Temporary Building Permit

Application for Unreasonable Hardship

Authorized Agent Sample Letter

Building Permit General Information

Building Permit Process

Procedures for Performance Deposit

Recognized Testing Agencies for Electrical Equipment

Request for Pre-Submittal Meeting

Title 24 Release Sample Letter

Building & Safety Department Hours:
455 East Calaveras Boulevard Monday-Friday: 8:00 am-5:00 pm
Main Phone: (408) 586-3240  
Building Inspection Requests: (408) 586-2797  
Building Permits: (408) 586-3240  

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