Environmental Documents

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA):

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) is a California law that requires development projects submit documentation of their potential environmental impact. In general CEQA applies to any land use activity, but there are many details the City reviews in determining if a project falls under CEQA or not. The City first prepares an initial study, assessing whether a project may have significant environmental impacts. If the initial study determines there may be significant impacts, the City hires an outside consultant to prepare an Environmental Impact Report. If there are not significant impacts, the City prepares a Negative Declaration. If the project has significant environmental impacts that may be mitigated to a level of less than significant, then the City prepares a Mitigated Negative Declaration. Environmental Documents in circulation are open for public comment.

Notice of Preparations:

No documents at this time

Negative Declarations (Mitigated Negative Declarations) – In Circulation:

Al Hilaal

Mitigated Negative Declaration

Draft Initial Study/MND

Milpitas Recycled Water Pipeline Extension

Notice of Intent

Mitigated Negative Declaration


Hanson Self-Storage Project

Hanson Self-Storage – Project Description

Hanson Self-Storage MND

Hanson Self-Storage Phase 1

Soils & Groundwater




Watson Public Storage Remodel

Watson Public Storage -Project Description

Watson Public Storage Remodel MND

Watson Public Storage Remodel IS

Plan 2 – Elevations

Plan 3 – Floor Plans

Plan 4 – Line of Sight

Plan 5 – Landscaping Plans

Plan 6 – Site Lighting Plans

Plan 7 – Site Detail

Ulferts Center

Ulferts Center Zoning Amendment MND

Ulferts Center Zoning Amendment IS

Ulferts Center Amendment Burrowing Owl Survey


Town Center General Plan Amendment and Zone Change

Town Center CEQA Document Declaration

Negative Declaraation

Environmental Impact Assessment


Town Center General Plan and Zoning Text Amendment

iStar – 1210 California Circle Public Draft MND

Stormwater Control Plan

Geotechnical Report

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Draft Traffic Impact Analysis

Air Quality and GHG Emissions Assessment

California Circle Pre-Application Submittal

Biological Evaluation Milpitas

Northwest Information Center

Noise Assessment

Draft Memo: Preliminary 100-year Flood Study

Environmental Impact Reports (EIR) – In Circulation:

No documents at this time

Environmental Impact Reports (EIR) – Previously Circulated:

Interstate 880 Billboards Project – DRAFT

Landmark Tower Mixed-Use Development – FINAL

Milpitas Water and Sewer Master Plan Update – DRAFT EIR

Milpitas Water and Sewer Master Plan Update – FINAL EIR

Pacific Mall

Appendix A – Initial Study

Appendix B – Transportation

Appendix C – Air Quality

Appendix D – Tree Survey

Appendix E – Geotechnical Study

Appendix F – Phase I Site Assessment

Appendix G – Noise

Appendix H – Notice of Preparation


Notice of Availability

Appendix A – Initial Study

Appendix B – Tree Survey

Appendix C – Biological Assessment

Appendix D – Transportation Impact Analysis

Appendix E – Health Risk Assessment

Appendix F – Greenhouse Gas Emissions Analysis

Appendix G – Cover

Appendix H – Cover

Appendix H – Phase I Site Assessment

Appendix I – Floodplain Analysis

Appendix J – Cover

Appendix J – Noise

Appendix K – NOP and Comment Letters

WaterStone – Final