Building Inspection –
Integrated Voice Response (IVR)

In effort to further improve customer service and streamline the permitting process we are pleased to announce an introduction of a new Integrated Voice Response service. IVR will allow customers to schedule inspections, access inspection results, check plan check status and obtain general information by dialing:

(408) 586-2797
This service is available 24 hours a day.

Before calling IVR you will need:

  1. Touch Tone phone
  2. Permit Number (click here to see the location of permit number on your permit card)
  3. Four Digit Inspection Code. (if you want to schedule, reschedule or cancel an Inspection)
    • You can find four digit inspection codes on your permit card. Click here to see the location of Four Digit Inspection Codes on your permit card.
    • You can find Four Digit Inspection Codes on your IVR card. IVR card will be provided to you by the Building and Safety Permit Center at permit issuance time. Click here to see the location of Four Digit Inspection Codes on your IVR card.
    • In case you don’t have the IVR card, you can download the complete list of inspection codes on IVR card.

Additional information regarding the inspection

A – Canceling an inspection

If the work will not be ready for inspection or if you need to cancel an inspection for any reason, call the Inspection Request Line before 7:00 am on the day of the inspection.

B – Reinspection fee of $106.60

Reinspection fees may be charged when inspections are requested and:

  • Permit cards and/or approved plans are not available at the job site at the time of inspection
  • There is a failure to provide access to the work site including the lack of proper ladders
  • Work for which the inspection was requested has not been completed
  • Corrections to the work called for by the inspector have not been made
  • Construction does not conform to the approved plans and requires submission of revised plans