“Effective July 1st 2018,  Fire Department Fees have been revised. For question regarding new Fire Department  fees please contact (408) 586-3265 “

Permit Fee

Please contact the Fire Department at (408) 586-3365 for any fee related questions.

Residential Permits Fee:

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Air Conditioning Replacement or Installation

Remodel & Addition One Story

Remodel & Addition Two Story

Attached Garage

Residential Kitchen and/or Bathroom Remodel

Residential Detached Garage or Shed

Residential Furnace Installation or Replacement

Residential Garage Conversion

Grading and Drainage Permit

Residential Green House

Revision/Deferred Submittal

Structural Roof Conversion

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Wood Fences over 6′ 0″ High, Concrete / Masonry over 4′ 0″ High

New Custom One Story

New Custom Two Story

New Tract Model One Story

New Tract Model Two Story

Residential Patio Cover

Residential Patio Enclosure

New or Change In Address Numbers

Residential Re-Roof

Site Improvement Permit

Residential Skylight & Window Installation

Residential Swimming Pool and Spa

Residential Water Heater

Commercial Permits Fee:

Alternate Materials, Design or Construction Application

Tenant Improvement “Clinics”

Tenant Improvement “Educational”

Tenant Improvement “Manufacturing (Hazardous)”

Tenant Improvement “Manufacturing (Non-Hazardous)”

Tenant Improvement “Offices”

Tenant Improvement “Religious Assembly”

Tenant Improvement “Restaurants”

Tenant Improvement “Retail Stores”

Equipment Installation

Storage Rack Installation over 6′-0″ High

Grading and Drainage Permit

Fences, Roof Screens or other Miscellaneous Construction

New Building “Gas Station”

New Building “Hotel/Motel/Multi Family”

New Building “Parking Structure”

New Building “Shell”

New Building “Theater”

Occupancy Permits

New or Change In Address Numbers

Commercial/Industrial – Re-Roof

Sign Permits

Site Improvement Permit

Commercial Swimming Pool and / or Spa

Temporary Building Permit Application

Please check Fee Schedule for the complete list of Building and Safety Department applicable fees.