Design Guidelines & Plan Review Checklists

“All Building and Safety Department documents, policies and submittal requirements are currently under review due to adoption of new 2013 California Building Codes and 2014 Milpitas Municipal Code. Please feel free to call (408) 586-3240 for more information.“


In an effort to further improve customer service, we are pleased to provide design guidelines and plan review checklists to help homeowners, business owners and design professionals to minimize the time and effort in obtaining permits. Design Guidelines

Design Guidelines:

The design guidelines provide information on plan preparation and code requirements in order to obtain a building permit. The following are the design guidelines:


Building and Structural Design Criteria

Residential Projects:

Bathroom Remodel

Emergency Escape Window

Footing and Pool On or Adjacent to Slopes

Garage Conversion

Open Patio Cover

Residential Addition

Residential Addition Package ‘D’ Prescriptive Energy Requirements

Residential Alteration Package ‘D’ Prescriptive Energy Requirements

Residential Retaining Wall

Residential Wood Fence

Smoke Detectors

Commercial Projects:

Floor Mounted Equipment Anchorage

Interior Non-Bearing Partition

Monument Sign


Storage Rack Anchorage

Suspended Ceiling

Plan Review Checklists:

The plan review checklists provide general guidelines in order to assist project designers to identify the code requirements related to permit application submittal. The following are the plan review checklists:

CalGreen Mandatory Measures Checklists:



Architectural Plan Review Checklists:

General Checklists:

General Commercial

General Residential

Specific Project Checklists:

Clinics and Dental Offices


Education Center

Exterior Enclosure

Gas Station

High Rise Building

Hotel & Motel

Kiosk in Covered Mall of Type II Construction

Multifamily Residential

Manufacturing Factories

Parking Garage


Religious Assembly

Residential Care and Assisted Living


Restaurants in Covered Mall of Type II Construction

Retail Store

Retail Store in Covered Mall of Type II Construction

Single Family Residential



Electrical Plan Review Checklists:

General Residential


Mechanical Plan Review Checklists:

General (Commercial & Residential)


Plumbing Plan Review Checklists:

General (Commercial & Residential)


Structural Plan Review Checklists:

Concrete Shell Building

Monument Signs

Single Family Residential