SolicitationBid TabulationBids ReceivedDate ReceivedContact
RFQ 2441Synology Backup Storage135/21/2020Zachary DeVine
IFB 2426Hydrant Replacement35/20/2020Zachary DeVine
RFP 2420Citywide Financial Audit Services63/5/2020Zachary DeVine
RFP 2402Parks Maintenance Services41/20/2020Zachary DeVine
IFB 2425BMW Motorcycles for Milpitas Police Department33/24/2020Zachary DeVine
RFP 2413Milpitas Utility Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment52/21/2020Zachary DeVine
RFQ 2418City Hall Display Upgrades22/17/2020Paula Cardozo
IFB 2403Gill Memorial Park Courts Resurfacing52/11/2020Zachary DeVine
IFB 2407Construction Meters and Water Meters Maintenance12/7/2020Paula Cardozo
RFQ 2415Fleet Maintenance Lift Repairs02/6/2020Paula Cardozo
FB 2388Police Department Furniture Removal and Installation Phase III11/24/2020Steve Pietrobono
RFP 2376Medical Services for Milpitas Fire Uniformed Personnel31/3/2020Steve Pietrobono
NIB 2390Citywide Parks and Playgrounds Rehabilitation21/9/2020Zachary DeVine
CP 7076Well Upgrade, McCandless Well612/6/2019Maren Schram
RFP 2373Investment Services210/11/2019Steve Pietrobono
IFB 2367Repaving of Fire Station No. 1 Parking Lot0 - No Bids Received10/23/2019Zachary DeVine
IFB 2362Repaving of Public Works/Police Department Complex110/23/2019Zachary DeVine
IFB 2383Slurry Seal City Hall Complex Parking Lots611/7/2019Zachary DeVine
RFP 2372Transit Area Specific Plan Update 2020510/14/2019Chris Schroeder
IFB 2373Community Center Repair and Painting1010/10/2019Zachary DeVine
RFP 2351Budget System77/26/2019Chris Schroeder
IFB 2354Preventive Generator Maintenance28/16/2019Chris Schroeder
IFB 2365Fuel Tank Coating Services For Aboveground Storage Tanks39/16/2019Zachary DeVine
IFB 2357Communications Study28/13/2019Chris Schroeder
IFB 2354Preventive Generator Maintenance28/16/2019Chris Schroeder
IFB 2365Tahoe Build Up28/2/2019Rosanne Yamashita
IFB 5055Alviso Adobe Renovation, Phase 5 - Interior Restoration18/1/2019Julie Waldron
NIB 5109Creighton Park Renovation55/21/2019Michael Sivleira
RFP 5111Milpitas Skate Park & Concession/Restroom45/24/2019Julie Waldron
RFP 4283ADA Curb Ramp Transition Project52/28/2019Michael Silveira
IFB 3406Milpitas City Hall Third Floor Improvements11/28/2019Julie Waldron
CIP 4284,4287 &4291Street Resurfacing Project 2018, Phase 247/12/2018Miachael Silveira
RFP 4287Street Resurfacing 201845/17/2018Julie Waldron
CP 3425 & 3430Midtown Street Light Project33/15/2018Michael Silveira
3700Wrigley-Ford Creek Riparian Mitigation Site Maintenance32/13/2018Julie Waldron
7110 and 7131Daniel Ct. Water Main & Service Replacement26/5/2017Michael Silveira
5097Jose Higuera Adobe Park Renovations211/1/2016Ferd Del Rosario
BID#2001 Light Rail Median Landscaping - Phase II37/2/2016Ferd Del Rosario
3700Wrigley-Ford Creek Erosion Repair Project 27/27/2016Julie Waldron
BID#2001 Light Rail Median Landscaping Project No. 2001 37/19/2016Ferd Del Rosario
BID#4271 Bridge Improvements Project No. 427137/14/2016 Ferd Del Rosario
NIB 3408Milpitas Sports Center Pool Repairs37/28/15 Julie Waldron
NIB 42672014 Soundwall Renovation Project25/13/15 Julie Waldron
NIB 3406 Milpitas Community Center AV43/12/15 Julie Waldron
NIB 3402McCarthy Blvd. Lighting & Landscape Improvements Phase 1 Project No. 3402310/30/14Arnold Chu
NIB 5096Pinewood Park302/24/14 Michael Boitnott
NIB 3408 Milpitas Sports Center Locker Room Renovation Project602/13/14Julie Waldron

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