SolicitationBid TabulationBids ReceivedDate ReceivedContact
RFP 2301Digital Billboard Design, Construction and Management34/6/2019Zachary DeVine
IFB 2327Scale Computing Solution15/16/2019Zachary DeVine
IFB 2274Used Forklift for Milpitas 11/28/2019Kathy Shaw
IFB 2306Analytical Laboratory Services 43/15/2019Kathy Shaw
IFB 2307Cross Connection Survey Services 44/26/2019Zachary DeVine
IFB 2333Fuel Pipe Replacement Services At California Circle Pump Station15/8/2019Zachary DeVine
IFB 2328Three HPE Servers, Memory and Hard Drives155/3/2019Zachary DeVine
IFB 2325Water Quality Laboratory Testing 24/26/2019Kathy Shaw
IFB 2273Collection Services12/1/2019Kathy Shaw
RFP 2229Guaranteed Energy and Water Savings Program Design610/17/2018Zachary DeVine
IFB 2312Pinewood Park Tennis Court Rehabilitation33/25/2019Zachary DeVine
IFB 2313Browne Park Tennis Court Rehabilitation33/25/2019Zachary DeVine
RFP 4283ADA Curb Ramp Transition Project52/28/2019Michael Silveira
IFB 2292Chiller Maintenance41/31/2019Zachary DeVine
IFB 3406Milpitas City Hall Third Floor Improvements11/28/2019Julie Waldron
CIP 4284,4287 &4291Street Resurfacing Project 2018, Phase 247/12/2018Miachael Silveira
RFP 4287Street Resurfacing 201845/17/2018Julie Waldron
CP 3425 & 3430Midtown Street Light Project33/15/2018Michael Silveira
3700Wrigley-Ford Creek Riparian Mitigation Site Maintenance32/13/2018Julie Waldron
7110 and 7131Daniel Ct. Water Main & Service Replacement26/5/2017Michael Silveira
5097Jose Higuera Adobe Park Renovations211/1/2016Ferd Del Rosario
BID#2001 Light Rail Median Landscaping - Phase II37/2/2016Ferd Del Rosario
3700Wrigley-Ford Creek Erosion Repair Project 27/27/2016Julie Waldron
BID#2001 Light Rail Median Landscaping Project No. 2001 37/19/2016Ferd Del Rosario
BID#4271 Bridge Improvements Project No. 427137/14/2016 Ferd Del Rosario
NIB 3408Milpitas Sports Center Pool Repairs37/28/15 Julie Waldron
NIB 42672014 Soundwall Renovation Project25/13/15 Julie Waldron
NIB 42702014 Road Rehabilitation Project 94/29/15Jimmy Nguyen
NIB 3406 Milpitas Community Center AV43/12/15 Julie Waldron
NIB 3402McCarthy Blvd. Lighting & Landscape Improvements Phase 1 Project No. 3402310/30/14Arnold Chu
RFP 2067Annual 4th of July and City’s 60th Anniversary Salute Fireworks Show104/18/14 Jimmy Nguyen
NIB 5096Pinewood Park302/24/14 Michael Boitnott
NIB 3408 Milpitas Sports Center Locker Room Renovation Project602/13/14Julie Waldron

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