To determine your property’s zoning, use one of these two methods:

  • Check your zoning by entering the address into the search bar below or searching the interactive zoning map.
    • This interactive map shows properties within the City’s incorporated area (city limits). Once your address is found, click on the shaded area near the location icon to display information about the property. You will see zoning as a two-letter designation (for instance MP, CO, MXD) Using the Information Key on the right of the map determine your zoning.  Once you determine your zoning, follow the link to determine if your use is eligible or not. *Always confirm with a City Planner to avoid costly mistakes, never lease, buy or expand a location before knowing how that property is zoned.
  • Call or visit  for help; we’re on the first floor of City Hall, at 408-586-3288, or email inquiries to


General Plan Map

Transit Arear Specific Plan Map

Midtown Specific Plan Map