The Purchasing Division, as part of the Finance Department, purchases material and supplies based on Municipal Code and Council direction for the City.

Purchasing develops and issues solicitations for all goods, inventory items, services (including some professional services) and small public works (construction) projects. The Purchasing Agent, Buyer and staff are responsible for these purchasing activities and are the primary contact for suppliers to resolve contractual differences and issues amendments.

Purchasing Agent and Buyer are also available to meet with a firm whose proposal was not selected to debrief them on their proposal’s strengths and weaknesses.

Purchasing makes every effort to obtain maximum value for each dollar expended, considering the factors of price, quality, applicability, support service, pertinent laws and regulations. Purchasing also ensures performance satisfaction is obtained by working closely with City operating department employees, department heads and project managers to develop specifications that are detailed and clearly written, yet sufficiently broad to promote competition among suppliers. City purchases are made in two competitive ways.

1. Informal Solicitations are as follows:

Purchases under $ 5,000 can be purchased directly by individual departments.

Purchases of $ 5,000 or more but under $ 20,000 require purchase orders and are awarded by the Purchasing Agent.

2. Formal Solicitations are as follows:

Purchases of $ 20,000 or more require purchase orders, formal procurement either through Bids (IFB), Request for Proposal (RFP), or Request for Quotation (RFQ) and must have City Council approval.

Purchase Orders and Contracts:

Purchase orders or contracts are issued after award is made to the successful firm. A copy of the signed document will be sent to the firm. The firm and the City are contractually bound to the terms and conditions of the signed document.

Bid Advertisements:

The Milpitas Post for the most part and the San Jose Mercury newspaper on a limited basis are the newspapers of record for the legal advertisement for formal solicitations. Sometimes a specific project may necessitate the City to also advertise in an additional newspaper publication. Current bid solicitations are also posted on the City’s website.


Bid List Database:

Interested suppliers may register online to be added to our list. To access the Vendor Application, click on the button below and follow the step by step instructions.

Please remember it is a two step process you have to register with Public Purchase and with the City of Milpitas. If for some reason you wish to change your account information you must do so within Public Purchase. If you have any problems or questions, please email Support@PublicPurchase.com or call the Public Purchase Customer Support number (800-591-5546), also listed in the instructions if you need any help.

Vendor Registration

Register to become a Vendor in Public Purchase. It’s free!

Points to Remember:

Please read all solicitation packages and on-line solicitation requirements and instructions carefully. Be sure you can comply with all of the requirements before you respond. If you have any questions, be sure to contact the individual responsible.

Be sure your offer arrives on time. All solicitation packages state the date and time the offer is to be presented to the City. Do not depend on the U.S. postal Service or a courier service for offers which cannot be submitted on time. Hand delivered is strongly recommended. The City does not accept late offers or bids.

Market your product or service wisely. Always contact the City before you spend money creating expensive demonstration, designs, layouts or presentations.

Pre-bid and pre-proposal meetings are held for larger, more complicated purchases. At these meetings the specifications are explained in detail with project managers and technical staff answers questions on any items in the solicitation.

Check Purchasing web page often to view the list of current open solicitations.

In accordance with the City’s code of ethics, employees will not accept gifts or entertainment. Suppliers are requested to not make any such offers to employees.

We appreciate your interest in selling to the City of Milpitas and hope this guide will be beneficial. Our aim is to help your sales effort and to promote good business relationships with us. The above brochure outlines our purchasing policies and procedures.


The City of Milpitas has partnered with Public Surplus to offer you an opportunity to purchase surplus items from the City.

Visit the Public Surplus web page for items available for purchase.

Purchasing Department Staff:

Click on the Contacts button for a listing of the City’s purchasing staff. Questions regarding specific procurements should be directed to the individual identified on the solicitation.


While the City of Milpitas intends to maintain continuous access to this Website, from time to time access to information and/or documents may be interrupted or prevented either because of site problems, user problems or Internet problems. Not all access difficulties can be resolved by the City since some access failures may be due to the type of computer or communication equipment and services employed by the Website user.

Suppliers are cautioned that the competitive nature of their offers could be affected if their submissions do not include all amendments. For this reason suppliers are advised to frequently revisit all solicitations to which they intend to respond.

It is the suppliers responsibility to check the website from time to time for updates to opportunities and to pick up additional amendments and information.