The Milpitas Phantom Art Gallery was founded in 2000 with the vision of having artists of varying experience, age and medium, be able to display their work in the City of Milpitas. The Milpitas Phantom Art Gallery is located in the Milpitas Community Center (457 E. Calaveras Blvd.) and the Milpitas Library (160 N Main St.).

The Milpitas Arts Commission, the advisory body to the Milpitas Phantom Art Gallery, has committed itself to promoting awareness of the arts in the Milpitas Community, working with local regional and international artists.

For more information please contact Milpitas Recreation Services at (408) 586-3210. Download applications here.

Upcoming Art Shows:

Janet Franco-Velez
March 18 – May 10

Janet cultivated her interest in art through books. She was particularly captivated by the Impressionist artist–Claude Monet, the master of light and color. She was attracted by his extensive use of primary and secondary colors in his paintings.

Janet studied Information Systems in college and built a professional career in computer software. Although very successful in her chosen profession, her love for Monet’s paintings remained very strong.

In her spare time, she took art classes where she studied Two-Dimensional Art Design, Color and Life Drawing.

After meeting with a friend who was taking classes in oil painting, her interest in painting was rekindled and she began her study of oil painting.
Her paintings have the same feel as that of Monet–soft, light and easy strokes. ‘I love loading my brush with pure color and passionately painting the beauty in nature. I find subjects for my artwork everywhere and strive to reflect the beauty of nature in all I paint.’

Janet has been painting for six years now. She is determined to improve her skills as an oil painter by participating in artists workshops, lectures and classes as well as painting in her studio at home.


Clay Magic House – Manieng Ng
May 20 – July 5

The founder of Clay Magic House, Manieng Ng is a certified instructor with Japan Deco Clay Academy and Taiwan Pan & Paper Clay Art Development Association. All of her art works are made out of Air-Dry Clay that has no need to be cured in an oven or a kiln. Also, besides they are lightweight, they are also non toxic. Air-Dry Clay is wonderful for making almost anything as it is extremely versatile.

Manieng is currently teaching at Clay Magic House in Milpitas, California (Kids, Youth & Adult). Her creations are inspired by love and each art-piece is handmade and unique which will bring the beauty and details into your everyday life! Moreover, her art work always motivate the others who want to create their own awesome masterpiece.


Vinay Kumar Verma & Neel Kamal Verma – A Visual Journey
July 15 – August 23

VN ARTWORK is a portfolio of unique work created by Vinay and Neelkamal. The couple has been giving life to art for more than 20 years. Neelkamal is a trained textile designer and artist. Her creations are a unique blend of conventional learning and creative experiments. Vinay, on the other hand, is self-taught artist creating beautiful artwork by using different techniques with acrylic and oil on canvas. Since arriving in Fremont art scene in 2009, VN ARTWORK has worked to capture and intrigue the art community with their beautiful work. They gather much of their inspiration from personal tales, the environment, and cultures around the world. Their pieces embody some of their own life experiences, which has led them to work with leading artists and clients around the world to assist with specific works.