Recreation Assistance Program (RAP)

Purpose Section: The Recreation Assistance Program (RAP) provides eligible Milpitas families with matching financial assistance to participate in Milpitas Recreation and Community Services programs. RAP allows adults, children and seniors the opportunity to have quality recreational experiences that may not be possible without matching financial assistance.

Eligibility Section: The RAP program is available only to Milpitas residents. All applicants must provide a copy of their most recent tax return documents in order to verify their income.  Other forms of income verification may not be accepted.

The Housing and Urban Development (HUD) income limits for Santa Clara County will determine eligibility. Please review the Milpitas Recreation and Community Services: RAP Eligibility Worksheet  to determine whether you meet the City’s requirements.

Please Note: The RAP program entitles you to funding for Recreation and Community Services programs from $25.00 up to $250.00 per household with a 50/50 match, providing funds are available through 07/01/18 – 06/30/19. This means that your overall household is entitled to up to $250 (not each individual) and that you are required to pay 50% of the fees before you will be enrolled into any programs.  Additionally, you are responsible for all transaction fees.

Application Section: RAP applications are now available online!  Families need to submit an application, annually. The application requires participant contact information, names of those in the household, annual household income, and the most recent tax return.  You will need to upload a copy of your most recent tax return in order for your application to be considered.  For more information contact Dale Flunoy, 408-586-3228 or

–          Recreation Assistance Program (RAP) Application


Recreation Services Hours:
40 N. Milpitas Boulevard Monday-Friday: 8:30AM – 4:30PM
Program Contact: Dale Flunoy Phone: (408) 586-3228