Activities by Your Favorite Milpitas Rec Instructors

Other Great Activities

  • Chalk your walk, driveway, patio, or concrete deck. Use sidewalk chalk, or for more vibrant pictures, chalk pastels. (Do not use oil pastels.) Share a picture of your masterpiece by tagging #MilpitasVCC or email a jpeg to for possible inclusion in our virtual Phantom Art Gallery.
  • Listen to free Audible Stories for kids.
  • P.E. with Joe workouts with British fitness instructor
  • Be a backyard botanist. Sketch the plants in your backyard using scientific observation. Here’s a lesson to get you started.
  • Play with your dog. Try a new backyard game.
  • Play yard dice games. Don’t have yard dice? Make your own from all the boxes you had delivered.
  • Make a 3-D watershed map to learn about the environment and have a little fun with water. Sign up to participate online in Valley Water’s Watershed Wednesday online activity.
  • Visit Virtual Disney World and “ride” the rides virtually via YouTube videos.