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California Circle and Main Street Area Vision Plans

Project Description

In September, the Planning & Neighborhood Services Division, in collaboration with California Polytechnic University Department of City and Regional Planning, began a land use and urban design study and visioning process for two areas in the City. The two study areas included in this process are the California Circle area, also known as the Dixon Landing Business Park, and the Main Street Precise Plan area as identified in the Midtown Specific Plan. The Main Street study area is generally located at the intersection of Main Street and Serra Way.

This project is being developed by students enrolled in Cal Poly´s City and Regional Planning Department Community Design Lab during the Fall Quarter of 2013, under the supervision of professor Vicente del Rio and Department Chair, Professor Hema Dandekar. The work consists of:

  1. An assessment of each of the study area´s current development conditions and trends as well as the community and City needs;
  2. A set of planning and urban design concepts to assist in future planning, design and physical development of each study area.

California Circle

California Circle Study Area is 110 acres, generally bounded by Interstate 880, Dixon Landing Road, Pentitencia Creek, and properties along the southern edge of Cadillac Court and Fairview Way. The study area is designated as Industrial Park and consists primarily of industrial buildings providing up to 1.4 million square feet of leasable light industrial, warehousing/distribution, research and development, commercial and office space. There is also one vacant undeveloped parcel that is 3.21 acres in size. Planning Staff has recently been contacted by real estate brokers in the hotel market for this vacant site in particular. Staff believe the hotel market has identified this entire area as an ideal location for hotel uses given its easy access and visibility from I-880 and proximity to other business related uses.

Overall, there is interest to identify the best range of uses while maximizing economic development opportunities taking into consideration a number of factors including:

  1. The site’s gateway location into the City;
  2. Excellent visibility and accessibility from Interstate 880;
  3. Repositioning this valuable site in today’s market and economy;
  4. Reuse, redevelopment and new development on several large, underutilized parcels; and,
  5. Opportunities for maximizing open space amenities along abutting Penitencia Creek.

Main Street

The Main Street Study area is approximately 30 acres and generally bound by Carlo Street on the north, Calaveras Boulevard, South Abbott and South Abel Street on the west, Corning Avenue on the south and the Union Pacific Railroad track to the east. The study area is currently designated as Mixed Use and consists primarily of older one and two-story buildings containing a variety of uses developed next to each other. Some buildings exist along the street while others are set back behind parking lots. Each parcel includes its own access driveway resulting in auto oriented streetscape. Site development has occurred haphazardly over the years and the area lacks cohesiveness and a coordinated development plan. There is also interest in redeveloping this area by taking into consideration the following factors:

  1. The site’s location and history as Milpitas’ “Main Street”;
  2. Underutilized buildings and parcels and smaller scale development pattern’
  3. Opportunities for new pedestrian oriented, mixed-use district;
  4. Access and visibility from Calaveras Boulevard.
  5. Fulfilling the “precise Plan” requirement contained within the Midtown Specific Plan.


September 27th Kick-Off Meeting – Agenda

September 27th Kick-Off Meeting – Powerpoint Presentation

October 26th Planning Commission Meeting Update – Agenda

October 26th Planning Commission Meeting Update – Powerpoint Presentation

October 26th Planning Commission Meeting Update – PC Minutes

November 18th Economic Development Commission Update – Memo

December 11th California Circle & Main at Serra – Urban Design Vision Plans

Final Report:

Introduction and Process


Concepts – California Circle

Concepts – Main Street at Serra



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