Message from the City Manager to the Milpitas Community 08/22/2020

Dear Milpitas Community Members,

Late August has brought new challenges to Milpitas, from a heat wave and rolling power outages to the SCU Lighting Complex fires – and of course, ongoing COVID-19 impacts. As you are well aware, one of those fires known as the Reservoir Fire, came to our doorstep, forcing residents in the unincorporated areas of Milpitas to evacuate.Read More

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Latest Milpitas News

  • THE FIRST COUNTY POP-UP TESTING CLINIC: Is scheduled on Monday, August 31, at the Milpitas Sports Center, located at 1325 E. Calaveras Blvd. The County will accept 750 appointments. Additional dates are scheduled for September 9, and September 21.
  • RECREATION AND COMMUNITY SERVICES SUMMER PROGRAMMING: On June 1, the Santa Clara County updated the Shelter-in-Place Order to set guidelines for childcare, summer camps, summer school, and other educational or recreational programs for children in stable groups of up to 12. Please read the June 19 memorandum for more information.
  • FACE COVERINGS ORDER: The State, on June 18, is now requiring all Californians to wear face masks in public places. The City’s April 22 order, requiring the use of face coverings in Milpitas is still in effect. Read the full City order here and FAQs are available here. More information on the City’s efforts in coordinating community partnerships on face coverings can be found here.
  • POLICE DEPARTMENT LOBBY: The Police Department lobby is now reopened to the public, with a limit of 4 visitors in the lobby at a time. Face masks and gloves are provided at entry. To conveniently schedule an appointment online, click here.  If you have important business such as requesting a copy of police report, a requirement to register, a requirement to pre-book before a court date or have general questions, you may visit during normal business hours, or call (408) 586-2400 and our staff will help you make an appointment and address your questions.
  • FREE MEALS AND GROCERY: The City of Milpitas and the Milpitas Unified School District, along with other community partners, are working together to ensure every Milpitas resident has access to food during this time, find more information here.
  • PARK PLAYGROUNDS AND SPORTS COURTS: Effective immediately, all park playgrounds and sports courts are CLOSED indefinitely. Parks do remain open for passive activities such as walking, running, bird watching, or biking only. For more information on Park Maintenance contact the Public Works Department at (408) 586-2600.

Santa Clara County News

  • June 30: Joint Announcement County of Santa Clara Public Health Department and County Office of Education Related to the Release of Guidance for Local K-12 Public and Private Schools To Facilitate Planning for the Safe Reopening of Schools for the 2020-2021 School Year. Read the Press Release here.
  • June 29: New Look Unveiled for COVID-19 Data Dashboard.
  • June 26: Statement of Dr. Cody Regarding Next Steps for Risk Reduction to Protect the Community. Read here.
  • June 10: Read about the New Health Officer Testing Order here [FAQ].
  • June 1: Shelter In Place Order Updates Effective June 5, 2020. More…
  • May 18: Read about the revised Shelter in Place Order effective May 22, 2020. More…
  • May 7: Please read the County Variance here.
  • April 29: Revised Order effective May 4 through May 31, 2020 [PDF].
  • April 27: Joint Statement of the Seven Bay Area Health Officers on Upcoming Extension and Revisions to the Current Shelter-In-Place Orders
  • Data Dashboard Update: Followers of the Santa Clara County Public Health Department’s COVID-19 data dashboards may have noticed a recent jump in the numbers of confirmed cases and deaths. The Public Health Department has updated its record of confirmed cases and deaths with a new methodology. Cases will now be reported by the date of specimen collection rather than the date that confirmed positive results were reported. This moves the timing of reporting confirmed cases and deaths a few days earlier, and the change means that the numbers recently increased suddenly from 1,870 confirmed cases and 73 confirmed deaths as of April 17, to 1,922 confirmed cases and 83 deaths as of April 20.
  • The public is Strongly Urged to Wear Face Coverings: The Santa Clara County Public Health Department has issued expanded guidance, strongly urging all individuals to wear face coverings when outside of their homes performing essential activities. “Face coverings” refers to bandanas, scarves, towels, or other pieces of cloth or fabric worn over the mouth and nose. Face coverings are especially important for activities such as doctor appointments, grocery shopping, pharmacy visits, and riding on public transit when being near people outside of one’s own household is unavoidable. Face coverings are not recommended while exercising, as it may cause breathing issues. Medical masks, such as N-95 and surgical masks, should be reserved for healthcare settings. Read the full guidance for more details and exceptions to the recommendation.
  • April 9: COVID-19 Cases Dashboard by City
  • March 31: Updated Order of the Health Officer of the County of Santa Clara
  • March 16: Order of the Health Officer of the County of Santa Clara
  • County FAQs

California State News

  • June 18: Public health officials now require Californians to wear masks or cloth face coverings in most settings outside the home. And many industries are required to have workers wear a mask while on the job.
  • May 7: California’s Resilience Roadmap
  • April 14: California’s Roadmap to Modify the Stay-at-Home Order
  • March 24: Stay at home order
  • State FAQs
  • State Newsroom

09/12: Joint City and School Press Release Offer Resources for Families and Small Businesses

08/14: City Launches Microenterprise Grant Program for Local Businesses See flyer here

08/06: City Council Approves Microenterprise Grant Program for Local Businesses

06/26: City Council Adopts Community Development Block Grant Funding for most vulnerable and small businesses hardest hit by COVID-19

06/20: Joint City and School District Press Release Offer Enhanced Summer Programs

06/18: Press Release Milpitas Introduces CEDAW Ordinance

06/13: Joint City and School District Press Release Make Preparations for Safe Reopening

06/09: Mobile Testing Press Release

6/06: Joint City and School District Press Release Prepare for Next Phase of Reopening with Expanded Testing and Outdoor Dining

6/05: Press Release on Outdoor Dining in Milpitas

5/30: Joint City and School District Press Release Offer Community Assistance Programs

5/26: Pilot Mobile Testing Press Release

5/23: Joint City and School District Press Release Continue to Offer Community Assistance Programs in Response to COVID-19

5/16: Joint City and School District Press Release Feed Community and Celebrate Graduating Class of 2020

5/13: Press Release City of Milpitas Proposed Budget Updates

5/11: News Release City of Milpitas Adopts Antidiscrimination Resolution

5/9: Joint City and School District Press Release Continue to Provide Resources to Support Emotional, Physical, and Mental Well-Being

5/2: Joint City and School District Press Release Plan for the Continued Safety and Security of Milpitas Families, Residents, and Children

4/25: Joint City and School District Press Release Committed to Community Health and Education

4/23: Milpitas to Require Public Use of Face Coverings to Protect Essential Workers and Community

4/18: Joint City and School District Press Release Supporting Small Businesses, Education, and Access to Food

4/15: COVID-19 Testing Center in Milpitas

4/11: Joint City and School District Press Release Provide Virtual Education and Recreation

4/04: Joint City and School District Press Release Working Together to Meet Community Needs During Extension of Shelter-In-Place

3/27: Joint City and Shool District Press Release Working Together for Students, Adults, and Seniors

3/26: Preliminary Fiscal Impact Update Press Release

3/23: Milpitas Firefighters, Family Diagnosed with Coronavirus (COVID-19), Others Quarantined

3/22: Milpitas Crossing Guard Tests Positive for COVID-19

3/12: Milpitas Emergency Declaration Press Release

3/06: City of Milpitas and MUSD Press Release