Planning Documents

General Plan

A comprehensive update of the City’s General Plan was conducted in 1994. Several minor amendments have occurred since then. In response to the City’s needs and state law, this Plan describes the City’s ideas for its future and the ways in which it intends to transform these ideas into reality. The January 2002 update incorporates the Midtown Specific Plan and includes revisions to the General Plan land use map and text for consistency between these documents.

Housing Element Plan

A statement of the community’s housing needs, resources, constraints and opportunities, which contains guiding principles, policies and programs for housing and a five-year action plan detailing the actions to be taken by the City to respond to the community’s evolving housing needs.

Housing Successor Annual Report 

The Housing Successor Annual Report addresses the requirements of California Health and Safety Code Section 34176.1(f) regarding the Low and Moderate Income Housing Asset Fund. This report outlines the financial and housing covenant details of the Milpitas Housing Authority. The purpose of this report is to provide the governing body of the Housing Authority an annual report on the housing assets and activities of the Housing Successor under Part 1.85, Division 24 of the California Health and Safety Code, in particular sections 34176 and 34176.1 (Dissolution Law”).

Midtown Specific Plan

This is the specific plan for the Midtown area that was incorporated into the General Plan in 2002 is generally located along Main and Abel Streets.

Transit Area Specific Plan

This is the specific plan for the redevelopment of the area centered around the proposed Milpitas BART station at Montague Expressway and the VTA Light Rail system near the Great Mall.

Cultural Resources List

This is a list of buildings, trees, etc. that are recognized as officially designated Cultural Resources in accordance with the criteria and procedures set forth in the Milpitas Municipal Code, Title XI, Chapter 4

Streetscape Master Plan

The Master Plan contains guidelines and recommendations for the varied streetscape conditions that exist or can be foreseen in the future and is based on the understanding that attractive streetscapes are a benefit to the community – economically, environmentally, visually and psychologically.

Trails Master Plan

Describes and maps the trail corridors recommended for inclusion in the General Plan

Climate Action Plan

A Climate Action Plan (CAP) is a strategic planning document that identifies how the City can achieve the greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets contained in the California Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32). Looking at five key sectors— energy use, vehicle miles, waste production, water usage, and off-road activities—the CAP will incorporate best practices with public input to produce a blueprint for achieving GHG emissions reduction in Milpitas and ultimately, to comply with AB 32 and SB 375. The City’s Climate Action Plan is a tool that will allow for expedited review of GHG emissions of future development projects. The Climate Action Plan will streamline the development process by meeting the Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s requirements for a Qualified GHG Reduction Strategy.