Midtown Specific Plan



The Milpitas Midtown Specific Plan provides a new vision for an approximately 1,000-acre area of land which is currently undergoing changes related to its growing role as a housing and employment center in Silicon Valley. Development activity over the past several years has included approval and/or construction of 1,200 units of housing, reinvestment in the Great Mall, extension of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority’s (VTA’s) Tasman East Light Rail Transit (LRT) line, and proposals to extend Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) through the area as part of the San Jose extension. Rather than responding to development proposals on a site by site basis, the City of Milpitas (the City) undertook a specific plan process in order to look comprehensively at the planning area and provide a cohesive vision for the future.

Adopted Plan:

Midtown Specific Plan

Appendix D: Supporting Documents

Midtown Specific Plan Draft EIR (Part 1)

Midtown Specific Plan Draft EIR (Part 2)

Midtown Specific Plan Final EIR

Main Street Plan Line Study