Transit Area Specific Plan


The Milpitas Transit Area Specific Plan is a plan for the redevelopment of an approximately 437-acre area in the southern portion of the City that currently includes a number of industrial uses near the Great Mall shopping center. Based on City Council direction, the Draft Preferred Plan currently proposes redevelopment of this area with 7,109 dwelling units, 993,843 square feet of office space, 340 hotel rooms and 287,075 square feet of retail space centered around the proposed Milpitas BART station and the VTA Light Rail system.

Adopted Specific Plan:


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Background and Key Issues

Chapter 3 – Land Use, Circulation, and Parks

Chapter 4 – Development Policies for Plan Subdistricts

Chapter 5 – Development Standards and Design Guidelines

Chapter 6 – Utilities and Public Facilities

Chapter 7 – Implementation

Appendix: Design Guidelines

Supporting Documents:

2019 Transit Area Development Impact Fee Update

2019 Park In-Lieu Fee Appraisal Report

2014 Transit Area Development Impact Fee Update

Transit Area Specific Plan EIR – DRAFT

Transit Area Specific Plan EIR – FINAL

Community Facilities District 2008-1

Development Impact Fee Nexus Study

Streetscape Elements

SE-1: Stamped Concrete for Medians and Parking Lanes

SE-2: Stamped Concrete for Crosswalks

SE-3: Tree Grates