Buy Recycled & Reduce Junk Mail

Prevent Waste in the First Place:
 Buying Recycled, Reducing Junk Mail, Composting, & Reusing.

What's in a Cycle?

Resources, energy, and saving the rainforest to name a few. Preventing waste means looking for ways to stop using what we'll have to throw away, like paper plates and plastic cups. Plus, there's a global impact to the decisions we make.

Consider This:

So What's a Cycle Got To Do With This?

Everything! We're the ones that close the loop. Buying products with recycled content and reduced packaging is a good start. As consumers, we "vote" with our dollars to let manufacturers know we value recycled products.
Look at the package for the three circular arrows. Recycling logo This means the product contains at least 10% post-consumer waste. Post-consumer means any material that has already been used and recycled. Now that's closing the loop!

Tired of Junk Mail?

Stop junk mail before it starts! Reducing junk mail gets clutter out of your mailbox, frees up your time, and saves energy and resources.

To substantially reduce junk mail, you need to reduce access to your name and address so that it won't be traded, rented, or sold to companies who send you unwanted mail.

Use the Stop Junk Mail Kit and keep junk mail from finding its way to your desktop.

Learn how to reduce your junk mail. Click Here for more information.

What Else Reduces Waste?

There's nothing more effective than composting in your backyard. Composting grass, leaves, fruit and vegetables gives you nutrient-rich soil that limits weeds, protects soil, saves water and reduces waste going to the landfill.

The Santa Clara County Home Composting Education Program can help make it easy. These dedicated Master Composters volunteer to provide tips on choosing a bin, how to use worms, and harvest compost. Call 918-4640 for information about free workshops.

How Do I Get Rid of This?

It's true that your trash can be another's treasure. Call the Center for the Development of Recycling at 800-533-8414 to find someone that wants what you have. Then, drop it off.

Reusing furniture, appliances, clothing, and toys keeps these materials from the landfill. More importantly, charitable donations of materials in good condition helps people.

Now that you've tried to reuse or give away what you can, read the information about Household Dump Day.

School & Office Recycling: We're Recycling With You!

At School:

The City of Milpitas/Milpitas Unified School District/BFI Recycling & Composting Project started in four elementary schools in September 1996. All nine elementary schools were on board by September 1999. This community partnership gives science teachers a curriculum with lesson plans, books, videos, compost bins and equipment, mini-grants, and milk carton recycling!

At the Office:

Commercial recycling in Milpitas uses a convenient, mixed recyclables collection method that helps businesses cut disposal costs. If you work in Milpitas, call Republic Services at 432-1234 to find out how your company can get a solid waste audit and free deskside recycling bins!

Recycling Creates New Products

Resource recovery is the name of the recycling game! You've contributed to offsetting rising disposal costs, reducing our dependence on raw materials and saving energy.

Recycled New Product
White paper Fine writing paper
Office paper Office paper & newsprint
Mixed office paper Tissue & toilet paper
Old corrugated cardboard New corrugated cardboard
HDPE, #2 Plastics CD tapes, VCR tapes, sleeping bag fiber fill,
  jackets, carpet backing, fence posts,
  plastic pallets, outdoor furniture
PET, #1 Plastics Clothing fibers, shampoo bottles
Newspaper Newspaper
Glass Glass
Aluminum cans Aluminum cans
Bi-metal food cans Bi-metal food cans
Wood Decorative landscaping mulch
Yard Trimmings Compost
Keep up the great work! Save resources!

Get Free, Fun Stuff! And Contribute to a Healthy Environment
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