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Rates effective January 01, 2014

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Water & Sewer Rates


The new volumetric water and sewer rates for bills due after July 28, 2014 are tabulated below. These rates are being adjusted to cover the increased cost of wholesale water and delivery of sewer services.

Water and sewer rates are reviewed for annual adjustment in accordance with Milpitas Ordinances 120.46 and 208.47, adopted by the City of Milpitas on May 3, 2011.

Questions about this adjustment may be directed to Steve Machida at 408/586-3355 or


  1. Quantity Charges:

    The quantity charges per hundred cubic feet for metered water service shall be as follows:

    Categories Unit Rate
    Residential customers (per dwelling unit)
      1 - 10 hcf
    11 - 20 hcf
    21 - 30 hcf
    31 +

    Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Construction Meter $5.29
    Potable Irrigation $5.29
    Ed Levin Park $3.08
    Recycled Irrigation $4.08
    Recycled Water Industrial / Dual Plumbed $2.65

    1 hcf = One Hundred Cubic Feet = 748 Gallons.

  2. Bimonthly Water Meter Charges:

    The bimonthly charges for water meters shall be made on the basis of the size of the water meter and shall be as follows:

    1. For Residential and Non-residential Customers:
    2. Water Meter Size Bimonthly Charge
      5/8" $27.36
      3/4" $29.07
      1" $41.28
      1-1/2" $52.07
      2" $67.96
      3" $181.95
      4" $230.57
      6" $351.86
      8" $460.99
      10" $667.31
    3. For Temporary Construction Meter Customers: $150.00 Bimonthly
  3. Fire Service Charges:

    The bimonthly charges for fire services provided by detector check valves shall be made on the basis of the size of the detector check valve, and shall be as follows:

    Detector Check Valve Size Bimonthly Charge
    2" $43.72
    3" $65.68
    4" $72.99
    6" $94.92
    8" $116.77
    10" $138.69

    Water flowing through detector check valves shall be used solely for the purpose of fire protection and testing of such fire protection systems. In the event that water service provided through detector check valve fire suppression systems used for purposes other than for fire protection or the testing of such fire protection systems, a quantity charge of $14.75 per hundred cubic feet shall be imposed for water use that exceeds one hundred cubic feet per billing period.

  1. Residential:

    Category Bimonthly Charge
    Single Family Per Dwelling Unit $86.93
    Multi-Family Per Dwelling Unit $52.22
    Mobile Home Parks Per Dwelling Unit $38.20

  2. Commercial, Industrial and Miscellaneous Premises:

    a) Flat Rate:
    For non-residential accounts, there shall be a flat rate assessed every billing cycle during which normal billing takes place, regardless of the amount of sewage discharged, in the amount of $14.68 per bimonthly period to defray billing and sewer system administration costs.
    b) Quantity and Strength Charges:
    For each commercial, industrial, or miscellaneous premises, a charge for each one hundred cubic feet of water used per billing cycle shall be charged as follows:
    Category Unit Rate
    Convalescent hospitals, day care centers, and health service facilities $3.50
    DS Water $3.10
    Eating and drink establishments $6.16
    Electrical and electronics design, fabrication, assembly and storage facilities $3.66
    Elmwood Rehabilitation center $3.81
    General offices; banks; government offices; general merchandise, retail, and shopping centers; building, hardware, and gardening material facilities; amusement centers, and theaters $3.70
    Headway Technology Corporation $3.53
    Jefferson Smurfit Corporation* $4.21
    Linear Technology Corporation $3.15
    Loral-Fairchild-Lockheed* $2.73
    Lucky Pure Water* $3.26
    Metal fabrication, machinery, and tool fabrication facilities $4.81
    Milpitas Materials* $3.44
    Motels, Hotels & Senior Citizen Housing Developments $3.60
    Personal services - laundry, barber/beauty shops, cleaners $3.26
    Prudential Overall Supply $4.65
    Recycled Water Cooling Tower $3.66
    Schools, colleges and churches $4.81
    Service stations, repair shops, and car washes $3.57
    Siemens Water (formally US Filter) $3.74
    T. Marzetti Co.* $8.00
    Union Pacific Railroad $4.03

    * These industrial customers are subject to sewer charge adjustments based on their sewer volumes, as indicated in their Sewer Flow Adjustment Agreements.

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