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Welcome to the Planning Department

The Planning Department promotes and facilitates a high quality of life through community partnerships, innovation, vision, and exemplary customer service to ensure a vibrant Milpitas

Please consider the following suggestions to get information and manage your project as efficiently as possible:

  1. Email your question to our team is on rotation to answer these emails daily and we will either respond with an answer or direct your inquiry to the right person.
  2. Search the website for resources such as forms, the Municipal Code, and major project updates.
  3. Sign up for e-notifications to get updates on topics, events, and projects that interest you.
  4. Make an appointment by emailing your project planner or or by calling 408-586-3279
  5. Communicate with your project planner. All applications are assigned to a single planner who will guide you through the entire process, from the preliminary concept phase to building occupancy. Direct all communications to your assigned planner for an efficient response.

About the Planning Department

The Planning Department is responsible for two primary functions related to land use planning and development in Milpitas. Planning performs and coordinates the review of applications for existing and new uses, development projects (current planning) and assists the Planning Commission and City Council in planning for the City’s long term future (long-range planning). Planning is also responsible for maintaining the General Plan, the City’s two specific plans and the zoning ordinance, providing information on zoning, land use and development regulation to the public and staffing the Planning Commission.

The services and duties of the Planning Division are guided by several government codes, regulations, statutes, and other procedural documents, including but not limited to; Open Government Code, General Plan, Title XI – Zoning, Planning, and Annexation.

Public Service Counter:

Located on the 1st floor of City Hall, 455 East Calaveras Boulevard.

Sign in on the iPad to the right of the Information Desk and be sure to indicate you need planning assistance.

The Planning Counter will be closed EVERY WEDNESDAY from 3:00 to 5:00 PM