On January 5, 2021, the City Council, upon the request of Mayor Tran, approved the establishment of a Homelessness Task Force. The purpose of the Task Force is to expand resident participation in addressing homelessness issues within the City. Staff will support the Task Force with meeting facilitation and the meetings will be open to the public. The Task Force will present its recommendations to the City Council on a quarterly basis.

Meeting Frequency:  Second Thursdays of each month. No meeting in July.

Meeting Location: Meetings will be conducted as virtual meetings via Zoom and livestreamed. See the meeting agenda for details.

Council Liaisons: None. There is no Council liaison assigned to the task force.

Task Force Member: The following residents were appointed to serve on the task force:

  1. William Lam, Chair
  2. Sanae Alexander, Vice Chair
  3. Jeremy Bevington
  4. Ferdie Centeno
  5. Ricky Davis
  6. Martha Lamdin
  7. Norma Morales
  8. Lisa Moreno
  9. Barbara Jo Navarro
  10. Tingna Xu

Staff Liaison: Adam Marcus, Housing Manager, (408) 586-3244, amarcus@ci.milpitas.ca.gov

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Meeting Date:AgendaAttachmentMinutesVideo
September 9, 2021Adobe IconAdobe IconAdobe IconVideo Icon
August 12, 2021Adobe IconAdobe Icon Adobe IconAdobe IconVideo Icon
June 10, 2021Adobe IconAdobe Icon Adobe IconVideo Icon
May 13, 2021Adobe IconAdobe Icon Adobe IconAdobe IconVideo Icon
April 8, 2021Adobe IconAdobe IconAdobe IconVideo Icon
March 10, 2021Adobe IconAdobe IconVideo Icon