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The City of Milpitas constructs various planning documents and guides in order to direct and articulate its vision for the future of Milpitas. These guides and policies are formulated by its professional and experienced planning team in the Planning Department with input from other municipal, regional, and state officials; nonprofits and local businesses; and community organizations and residents. These planning initiatives range from the all-encompassing Master Plan to development-based transportation studies.


Main Street is one of the beating hearts of Milpitas. How do we keep what makes Main Street great while building it up to be even better?

In partnership with local nonprofit CatalyzeSV, the City of Milpitas facilitated a series of three Community Conversations on Revitalizing Main Street, each revolving around a different aspect of the future of Main Street. The first conversation focused on business, the second conversation focused on housing, and the third conversation focused on history and culture.  It was a pleasure to hear feedback and collaborate with our community in these sessions.  The feedback received through these events will help the City of Milpitas with the Gateway/Main St. Specific Plan, which is an update of the Midtown Specific Plan.  City staff will initiate the Gateway/Main St. Specific Plan later this summer.  Please stay tuned for more opportunities to participate in future community outreach events and provide feedback on this important effort.

YouTube videos for each conversation can be found at the links below:

For Part 1 – Conversation on BusinessApril 29, 2021 Agenda

For Part 2 – Conversation on HousingMay 27, 2021 Agenda 

For Part 3 – Conversation on History & Culture — June 24, 2021 Agenda

The City of Milpitas received a grant from Santa Clara County to develop and implement a comprehensive no-smoking policy for all multi-unit housing. Please follow this link for more information and details on the grant.


The City Council adopted the VMT policy on May 18, 2021. For more information about the VMT policy and the City’s efforts to transition from using LOS to VMT, please refer to this agenda report and presentation to the City Council. The final VMT policy with the City’s VMT heat maps can also be accessed here.

Please follow this link for more information and details on Milpitas VMT.

The City of Milpitas Planning Department encourages prospective operators of free libraries to submit proposed locations and plans for review by staff to ensure the below listed requirements are satisfied.

Contact: or 408.586.3279 with any questions or to submit plans. Note: Little free libraries are not allowed in public parks without approval from the Recreation Services Department.

Free libraries are considered accessory structures, and may be permitted in any zoning district; provided that, all such libraries meet the following requirements: 

  • Written permission shall be obtained from property owner to construct free library structure; 
  • Shall not be located within or overhang the public street right-of-way or any public easement; 
  • Shall not obstruct vehicular, bicycle or pedestrian traffic, either physically, or by a person utilizing the library; 
  • Shall not obstruct access aisles or paths utilized by persons in wheelchairs or for ADA accessibility; 
  • May be placed in a required front yard (area between the front wall of a building and the public street right-of-way); 
  • Shall not exceed 22″ wide x 18″ deep and a maximum height of 6 feet; 
  • Shall be anchored to the ground or otherwise securely attached to something having a permanent location on the ground; 
  • Shall continuously be kept in a good state of repair; 
  • Shall be registered with and must have associated charter sign permanently affixed to library structure, in a location easily viewable by an average user. 

City of Milpitas Mobile Vending Standards

Definition of Mobile Vendor Any vehicle, wagon, or push-cart from which goods, wares, merchandise, fruits, vegetables, or foodstuffs are sold, displayed, solicited or offered for sale or bartered or exchanged, or any lunch wagon or eating car or vehicle.
Permitting Mobile vendors must have a valid Business License issued by the City of Milpitas prior to operation.  All private addresses at which the mobile vendor will be located, are subject to review and approval by the Planning Department and must be stated on the Business License application.  If at any time the mobile vendor ceases or begins operation at a different private address, the Business License must be updated accordingly.
Distance from Streets on Private Property No mobile vendor shall be placed or operate at a location less than fifteen (15) feet from any street right-of-way.
Distance from Freeway Ingress and Egress Ramps on Private Property No mobile vendor shall be placed or operate less than one hundred (100) feet from a freeway on or off ramp.
Distance from Driveways on Private Property No mobile vendor shall be placed or operate less than twenty (20) feet from a driveway curb cut.
Distance from Residences on Private Property No mobile vendor shall be placed or operate within one-hundred fifty (150) feet of a residence.
Paved Locations on Private Property No mobile vendor shall be placed or operate on a parcel or lot unless the surface is paved with asphalt, macadam or concrete.
Mobility of Operations No mobile vendors shall be placed within or operate from a structure or stand which is attached to or bears directly upon or is supported by the surface of the site. Mobile vendors shall operate exclusively from vehicles or carts or other conveyances which are fully mobile and have operational wheels in place at all times. Mobile vendors shall not connect to temporary or permanent on-site water, gas, electricity, telephone or cable sources.
Sanitary Facilities Persons operating mobile vending shall have unrestrained right of access to toilet and handwashing facilities located on site within reasonable distance of the mobile vendor’s approved location.
Parking on Private Property 1.       Mobile vendors shall not be located in or obstruct parking spaces required for the operation of any other concurrent use.

2.       Mobile vendors shall provide a minimum of three (3) parking spaces, located on the host site and within two hundred (200) feet of the mobile vendors approved location.

Number of Mobile vendors Per Private Property No more than two (2) mobile vendors may operate at a time on any one property site.  Three (3) or more mobile vendors are considered a special event and require a Special Event permit administered by the City of Milpitas Planning Department.
Parking on City Streets Mobile vendors may stand or park only at the request of a bona fide purchaser for a period of time not to exceed ten (10) minutes at any one place. Mobile vendors are prohibited from standing or stopping at any of the following locations within the City of Milpitas:


1.       Abbott Avenue from Spence Avenue to Calaveras Boulevard

2.       Abel Street (Entire)

3.       Calaveras Boulevard/SR-237 from and including the western City Limit to Coyote Creek to and including its intersection with Carnegie Drive

4.       Capitol Avenue from Abel Street to the south City Limits

5.       Dixon Landing Road (Entire)

6.       Dixon Road from Milpitas Boulevard to Arizona Avenue

7.       Jacklin Road from Milpitas Boulevard to and including Park Victoria Drive

8.       Landess Avenue those portions within the City of Milpitas

9.       Main Street from Curtis Avenue to South City Limits

10.   McCarthy Boulevard (Entire)

11.   Milpitas Boulevard (Entire)

12.   Montague Expressway (Entire)

13.   Park Victoria Drive from Ayer Street to south City Limits

14.   Serra Way (Entire)



An ordinance to allow and regulate accessory dwelling units (hereinafter referred to as ADUs) and junior accessory dwelling units (hereinafter referred to as JADUs) in compliance comply with Government Code Sections 65852.2 and 65852.22.

An ordinance establishing regulations governing access to public meetings and public records, regulating lobbyists’ activities and solicitation of donations by public officials and establishing an Open Government Commission.

An ordinance to regulate the establishment and operation of short-term rental units (“STRs”). As such, the City desires to give special consideration to preserving the residential character of neighborhoods, preventing long-term residential uses from being replaced with STRs, and protecting all neighborhoods from potential adverse impacts caused by the operation of STRs.

An ordinance establishing regulations of all publicly displayed signs, including permanent signs, temporary signs and procedures for violations and hearings.

An ordinance establishing regulations for planting, maintaining, and removing trees in or adjacent to streets and within easements, in rights-of-way and other public places within the City.

An ordinance establishing various districts within the City of Milpitas, and appropriate regulations for each district regarding building type, height and bulk, businesses, land uses, and required open spaces for each district.

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