Welcome to the Milpitas Engineering Department

The City of Milpitas is a rapidly changing and growing community where a high level of engineering design of public improvements is required to serve Milpitas residents, businesses, and to keep the City growing and functioning.


The Engineering Department is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in Milpitas with well-engineered high-quality infrastructure projects and safeguarding resources and the environment.


For general department inquiries, please contact the general number:  (408) 586-3300.


The Engineering Department has three Sections each with a different function and providing a high level of professional engineering service to the community:

Design & Construction

(408) 586-3303

  • Capital Improvement Program
  • Public Works Construction Inspection (408) 586-3252

Transportation & Traffic Engineering

(408) 586-3324

  • Traffic Control Plan Review
  • Management of roadway network and signals

Land Development Engineering

(408) 586-3316

  • Encroachment Permits
  • Flood Zone & Elevation Certificate Information

Services Provided by the Engineering Department:

  • Implementation of Capital Improvement Program
  • Design & Construction of new public improvements (streets, parks, utilities)
  • Review and permitting of private land development
  • Management of National Flood Insurance Program
  • Management of special assessment districts
  • Encroachment Permit Issuance
  • Construction inspection Services within City streets and public right of way

Note: The City’s Public Works Department provides for the operation, maintenance, and repair of the water, sewer, recycled water, and storm drain systems in addition to various water, sewer, and storm drain programs such as water quality, water conservation, backflow prevention, and urban runoff pollution prevention.


The Public Works Utility Engineering Department will respond to questions regarding backflow prevention, fire flow and utility “will serve” letters.


Contact Information:

  • The Public Works Department (maintenance) (408) 586-2600
  • Public Works Utility Engineering (408) 586-3358
  • https://www.milpitas.gov/milpitas/departments/public-works-department-home-page/

Engineering Director / City Engineer:
Steven Erickson, PE