Flood Insurance

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) makes flood insurance available to everyone in the City. Renters can also purchase flood insurance to cover their possessions. For information about flood insurance, call your insurance agent or the NFIP customer service line at 1-800-638-6620 or visit Flood Smart Homes and business located within SFHAs are required to be covered under a flood insurance policy as a condition of federally funded loans or mortgages. The minimum standard flood insurance coverage required by the federal government for a SFHA property is the lesser of the following:
  1. The outstanding mortgage balance on the structure,
  2. The replacement cost of the structure, or
  3. $250,000 for a residential structure, and $500,000 for industrial/commercial.
Residents are eligible to purchase flood insurance even if your property is not in a high risk area.  This insurance coverage limit does not apply to property outside the SFHA.

Community Rating System (CRS):

The NFIP created the Community Rating System (CRS) to promote flood awareness and reduce flood losses. The City of Milpitas is a participant of the program and is ranked among the highest in the nation for its flood mitigation efforts. As the result, the residents of Milpitas who purchase flood insurance enjoy a 15% automatic reduction of their insurance premiums.

Elevation Certificate (EC):

An Elevation Certificate provides elevation information necessary to determine the proper insurance premium rate. If your house is at or above the base flood elevation, you could receive a substantial discount on your flood insurance premium by providing an EC to your insurance agent. Home Owners may contract with Licensed Surveyors to obtain an Elevation Certificate for their home. The City of Milpitas maintains a data base of Elevation Certificates records provided by the City. Contact the City of Milpitas Land Development Engineer for more information at (408) 586-3325. To obtain a copy of the certificates or help in preparing one, call the City Engineering Division. Copies of the form and instruction packet are available from the City Land Development Engineering at (408) 586-3329.  For additional information about Elevations Certificates visit FEMA Documents on Elevation Certificate & Instructions