Milpitas Community Theatre

Milpitas has expanded its longtime theatre program to welcome performers of all ages and offer a wider variety of productions. Performances are held in the Milpitas Community Center auditorium. Shows are selected by a committee that includes participants, volunteers and residents who enjoy theatre. The City contracts with theatre professionals to direct, choreograph and provide vocal direction for our productions. We welcome resumes from interested, qualified individuals. Performers of all abilities are welcome to audition. Those who are cast pay a participation fee that helps offset the costs of the production.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, while in-person gatherings are restricted under Public Health Orders, Milpitas Community Theatre is producing its first virtual show.

Upcoming Performances:

Viewing Party with Cast
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Friday, 10/157:30 p.m.Buy Now
View at Home
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Friday, 10/17:00 p.m.Buy Now
Saturday, 10/22:30 p.m.Buy Now
Saturday, 10/27:00 p.m.Buy Now
Friday, 10/87:00 p.m.Buy Now
Saturday, 10/92:30 p.m.Buy Now
Saturday, 10/97:00 p.m.Buy Now
View at School
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Wednesday, 10/69:00 a.m.Buy Now
Wednesday, 10/610:30 a.m.Buy Now
Thursday, 10/79:00 a.m.Buy Now
Thursday, 10/710:30 a.m.Buy Now
Friday, 10/159:00 a.m.Buy Now
Friday, 10/1510:30 a.m.Buy Now

Milpitas Assistance Program participants may use their discount toward this program.

For more information, contact Vince Collantes, (408) 586-3204.