Milpitas’ Recreation Services is outside too! The City of Milpitas has over 30 park locations with various amenities for your enjoyment – softball fields, tennis, basketball, handball, bocce ball, volleyball, horseshoes, par course, and barbequing! Click here for more information on how to visit or rent one of our parks.

  • Park Master Plan

  • All parks are open from dawn until dusk
    Park List

    Augustine Memorial Park

    Plenty of open space, plus play equipment, 4 barbeque units, and 4 tables in this 6 acre park. Photo

    Location: Cortez and Coelho off Escuela.

    Ben Rogers Park

    A lovely 9.5 acre park with 6 barbeque units and picnic tables, a backstop, play equipment, and Parking for 30. Photo

    Location: Grand Teton at Sequoia.

    Calle Oriente Mini-Park

    A nice neighborhood park with two handball courts, two tables, and play equipment. Photo

    Location: Calle Oriente off North Park Victoria.

    Cardoza Park

    This 10-acre park features a lighted ball diamond, two horse-shoe units, volleyball poles, and an outdoor amphitheater. A great location for functions, it also includes 8 barbeque units, 19 tables, restrooms, play equipment, and parking for 133.

    Location: Kennedy Drive at North Park Victoria.

    Cerano Park

    A nice neighborhood park with 4 tables, 2 barbeque units, 1 tennis court, half basketball court, play structure, open grass area and small parking lot (6 spaces). Adjacent to the Coyote Creek Trail. Photo

    Location: SanDisk and Murphy Ranch

    Creighton Park

    With 4 barbeque units, 9 tables, parking for 15, and play equipment, this 5-acre park is a great site for family outings. Photo

    Location: Olympic west of South Park Victoria.

    Dixon Landing Park

    This 11 acre park has 3 tennis courts, 6 barbeque units, 10 picnic tables, a basketball hoop, play equipment, restrooms, and parking for 84. A terrific place for special gatherings. Photo

    Location: Dixon Landing and Milmont.

    Foothill Park

    A nice little 4-acre park that includes 3 barbeque units, 4 tables, parking for 20, and play equipment. Photo

    Location: Roswell Drive at Roswell Court.

    Gill Memorial Park

    This 8.1-acre park has a lighted ball diamond, 3 tennis courts, 2 handball courts, and a basketball court, plus 4 barbeques, 8 tables, play equipment, restrooms, and parking for 20. Photo

    Location: Paseo Refugio and Santa Rita.

    Hall Memorial Park

    Two barbeque units, 6 tables (2 in park and 4 in the Lagoon picnic area), 4 tennis courts, play equipment, restrooms, and parking for 18 make this 9.5-acre park a nice place. Photo

    Location: LaHonda and Coyote.

    Hidden Lake Park

    This 6.5-acre park has 2 barbeque units, 3 tables, parking for 5, and a lake with ducks. A nice place to relax.

    Location: North Milpitas Boulevard between Escuela Parkway and Jacklin Road. Drop-in only. Photo

    Higuera Adobe Park

    An historic adobe house sits on this 5.5-acre park site with 4 barbeque units, 10 tables, play equipment, and parking for 20. Plenty of shade trees are a plus. Photo

    Location: Wessex off North Park Victoria.

    Hillcrest Park

    This 5.2-acre park offers 7 barbeque units, 8 tables, and a tot lot for kids. Photo

    Location: Fieldcrest off Crescent. Drop-in only.

    Murphy Park

    This 8.7-acre park is a favorite place to gather with the kids. It features plenty of open space, restrooms, play equipment, and a lovely picnic area with 5 barbeque units, parking for 18, and 6 tables. Photo

    Location: Yellowstone east of South Park Victoria.

    Pinewood Park

    This 8-acre park has 4 tennis courts, 2 barbeque units, 4 tables, a basketball hoop and a tot lot.

    Location: Lonetree and Starlite Drive.

    Sandalwood Park

    A nice little 3.5-acre neighborhood park good for lunchtime picnics. It features 3 barbeque units, 3 tables, and play equipment. Photo

    Location: Escuela Parkway and Russell.

    Selwyn Park

    This .25-acre small neighborhood park provides a playground, barbeque units, 2 picnic tables, and parking for 10.

    Location: Selwyn Drive off Dempsey Road. Photo

    Sinnott Park

    A nice 4.7 acre park that includes a par course, play equipment, 2 barbeque units, 3 tables, and parking for 30. Photo

    Location: Clear Lake and Tahoe.

    Starlite Park

    The 4 acre park offers a nice place for family fun, with horse-shoe units, play equipment, 3 barbeque units, and 5 tables. Photo

    Location: Rudyard and Abbott Avenue.

    Strickroth Park

    This 5.7 acre park with parking for 25 offers play equipment, 2 barbeque units, and 6 tables. Photo

    Location: Martil and Gemma off East Tramway.

    Jones Memorial Park

    This 5.2 acre park offers a par course, play equipment, 2 barbeque units, and 5 tables.

    Location: Jacklin at Hillview.

    Robert E. Browne Park

    A great place to play tennis on the 4 lighted courts, with a large grassy area and par course. Restrooms and parking are available across the street.

    Location: Yellowstone east of South Park Victoria. Drop-in only.

    Dog Park at Ed Levin (Milpitas Muni Code V-9-7.01)

    Owned and maintained by the County of Santa Clara Parks and Recreation Department, this park may be reached via Calaveras Boulevard. For information, call (408) 262-6980 or Visit the County website. Photo

    Location: 3100 Calaveras Road, Milpitas, CA 95035

    Phone: (408) 262-6980

    • Only dogs, dog handlers, and those persons accompanying them are allowed in the dog park.
    • Dog handlers must be 16 years of age or older. Any person under 16 years of are in the dog park must be accompanied by a person 18 years or older.
    • A dog handler, as defined herein, shall accompany his of her dogs at all times.
    • Dog handlers are responsible for picking up and properly disposing of all feces deposited by their dogs.
    • No more than two dogs per handler will be permitted in the park at one time.
    • Dogs in heat are not permitted in the park.
    • Dogs must be vaccinated and free of communicable illness and disease.
    • Dogs must wear proof of current license.
    • Dogs must be under voice control of their handler.
    • Dogs displaying aggressive or anti-social behavior are not permitted in the park. Upon signs of aggression or anti-social behavior the dog will immediately be required to leave the park.
    • All other City of Milpitas park rules apply to use of the dog park.
    • Only dogs less than 20 inches from the top of the shoulders are allowed in the “Small Dog Area.”
    • Dogs must be leashed when entering and exiting the park.
    • Users of the dog park do so at their own risk. Neither the County nor the City shall be liable for any injury or damage caused by any dog in the dog park.

    Pecot Park

    A 3 acre park.

    Location: Dixon Landing, west of Conway.

    Parc Metro East, Middle, and West

    All 3 nice neighborhood parks provides a playground.  Park Metro East also has barbeque units and is reservable. Photo

    Location: Parc Metro, Curtis, east of Main Street Parc Metro parks can not be reserved.

    Alviso Adobe

    Located at Calaveras, east of Piedmont.

    Tom Evatt Park

    This 5.46 acre park has 16 picnic tables, 4 barbeque units, many benches. There are 2 half basketball courts, 2 tennis courts and 2 Bocce ball courts. A playground for the kids and a large lawn area makes this a fun park for all ages.

    Location: Abel Street and Machado Street

    John McDermott Park

    This .95 acre park has 3 shaded picnic tables, 2 playgrounds, and a restroom.

    Location: Alvarez Court, off Abel Street

    O’Toole Elms Park

    The 1.51 acre park includes 8 picnic tables, 1 barbeque unit and 2 playgrounds.

    Location: Abel Street, north of Curtis Avenue