08/19: Planning Commission Approved Stratford School Facility at 125 North Milpitas Boulevard

08/12: City Council Approved 100% Affordable Housing Project at 308 Sango Court

06/17: City of Milpitas Approves Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funding

06/07: City Council Adopts FY2021-22 Budget

05/20: City of Milpitas Launches Comprehensive Smart City Energy and Water Savings Program with ENGIE North America

05/19: Short-Term Rental Program Registration

04/30: Milpitas Fiscal Year 2021-22 Proposed Budget

04/23: Symbium and City of Milpitas Partnership Launches Build App

04/05: Milpitas City Council Adopts 2040 General Plan

03/03: City Manager Announces New Finance Director – Lauren Lai

01/25: City Manager Announces New City Clerk – Wendy Wood


12/02: Milpitas Police Chief Retires After 30 Years of Service to the Community

09/12: MUSD and City of Milpitas Offer Resources for Families and Small Businesses

08/14: Milpitas Launches Microenterprise Grant Program for Local Businesses

08/06: City Council Approves Microenterprise Grant Program for Local Businesses

06/26: City Council Adopts Community Development Block Grant Funding

06/18: Milpitas Introduces CEDAW Ordinance

06/09: City of Milpitas Extends Mobile Testing for COVID-19. For more COVID-related Press Releases, visit our COVID Page.

05/26: Pilot Mobile Testing

05/19: Milpitas City Council Appoints Steve McHarris as City Manager

05/13: City of Milpitas Proposed Budget Updates

05/11: City of Milpitas Adopts Antidiscrimination Resolution

04/14: Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Hospitals and Clinics to Open Non-Public COVID-19 Testing Center in City of Milpitas

04/11: MUSD And City of Milpitas Provide Virtual Education and Recreation

03/26: Fiscal Impact Updated Related to COVID-19

03/23: Milpitas Firefighters, Family Diagnosed with Coronavirus, Others in Quarantine

Latest Announcements


06/01: Milpitas Council adopted FY2021-22 Budget


10/27: Milpitas Microenterprise Grant Program Update

09/17: Homelessness Response and Affordable Housing Initiatives Progress Report

08/27: Food Distribution Programs in Milpitas

08/26: Public Alert Systems

08/25: Project Homekey Information

07/02: Update on Federal Grants related to COVID-19 and CARES Act Funding

06/30: All Lanes Closure on Montague Expressway July 10-13, 2020

06/30: Fees and Cost impacting Small Businesses

06/23: Status Update Regarding City Operations

06/19: Recreation Summer Programs Update

06/18: Press Release – City of Milpitas Introduces CEDAW Ordinance

06/15: Police Department Update on Recent National Concerns

06/06: Joint Statement on Racial Economic Inequality CHINESE     SPANISH     VIETNAMESE

06/02: Milpitas City Council Adopts FY2020-21 Budget