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2023 Planning Commission Meeting Dates

The Planning Commission consists of seven members (Milpitas citizens and registered voters), appointed by the City Council to staggered terms of three years each. Members serve with a stipend of $25 per meeting and cannot hold any other public office or position in the City while serving as members of the Commission. The Commission regularly meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month but may hold additional meetings. Meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers, Milpitas City Hall, 455 E. Calaveras Boulevard.

The Planning Commission shall have all powers and duties imposed upon a planning commission and zoning agency by the Planning and Zoning Law of the State, subject to the provisions of the City Municipal Code, and shall act as the advisory agency pursuant to the Subdivision Map Act of the State. In addition, the Planning Commission shall consider the overall architectural development, including color and material of exteriors, of all commercial and industrial districts and all developments in residential districts for which a use permit or architectural review permit is required. The Commission also plays a role in the administration of the City Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Ordinance.

The Commission reviews and acts upon the following:

  1. General Plan and General Plan amendments;
  2. Neighborhood and specific area plans;
  3. Environmental impact reports and negative declarations;
  4. Tentative subdivision maps;
  5. Planned Development permit applications for developments;
  6. Subdivision Ordinance exceptions;
  7. Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance amendments
  8. Special studies and reports

Planning Commissioner Resources


FPPC Form 700 – Statement of Economic Interest is required to be filed by all PC members to reveal any conflict of interest

File Form 700 electronically by clicking here.

Planning Commissioner Application


Planning Commission By-Laws

Commissioner Handbook

Staff Liaison:
Ned Thomas, Planning Director
(408) 586-3279

Recording Secretary:
Elizabeth Medina
(408) 586-3271

Commission Members:

MemberOfficeTerm ExpiresCalendar
Bill ChuanChairDecember, 2023
Larry CiardellaVice ChairDecember, 2023
Mercedes AlbanaCommissionerDecember, 2025
Alexander GalangCommissionerDecember, 2024
Dipak AwasthiCommissionerDecember, 2024
Zeya MohsinCommissionerDecember, 2024
Sonia Medina-AshbyCommissionerDecember, 2025