General Plan Update Project

The General Plan is a planning document that defines a long-term vision for the City over the next 20 years.  The State of California requires every city and county in California to adopt a General Plan, and the City of Milpitas adopted its current General Plan in 1994. While the City has made various amendments to incorporate new planning documents (2002, 2008, and 2010) and to update the Housing Element (2015), the City has grown and changed significantly since 1994.  New State laws affecting General Plans have also been passed and new social and environmental issues have emerged, making this update of the City’s General Plan a critical component of the City’s continued success. The update process will include extensive public outreach and community participation, ensuring that the goals and values of the community are reflected.  Public outreach will include multiple Community Visioning Workshops, City Council and Planning Commission hearings and workshops, a community open house meeting, newsletters, the General Plan website, and online surveys.  The City has selected DeNovo Consulting to assist staff on this important project, which is expected to last 2-2.5 years. For more information on the general plan process, or to get involved, please visit or call the general Planning hotline at (408) 586-3279.   UPCOMING EVENTS: To be announced   
  General Plan  A comprehensive update of the City’s General Plan was conducted in 1994. Several minor amendments have occurred since then. In response to the City’s needs and state law, this Plan describes the City’s ideas for its future and the ways in which it intends to transform these ideas into reality. The January 2002 update incorporates the Midtown Specific Plan and includes revisions to the General Plan land use map and text for consistency between these documents.

Adopted Plan:



Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction and Overview

Chapter 2 – Land Use Element

Chapter 3 – Circulation Element

Chapter 4 – Open Space & Environmental Conservation Element

Chapter 5 – Seismic and Safety Element

Chapter 6 – Noise Element

Chapter 7 – Housing Element

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C