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Visit Milpitas Planning and Symbium’s BUILD for Business zoning check to quickly determine whether your proposed business is permitted in a specific location. Don’t have a specific location in mind? You can also search for all areas permitted in Milpitas under applicable zoning regulations and find detailed information on the required processes and programs.

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Help shape the future of the Milpitas Gateway-Main Street area

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The Milpitas Gateway-Main Street Specific Plan will shape the continued transformation of an auto-oriented area into a vibrant, mixed-use, and more pedestrian-oriented community that includes housing, retail, entertainment, commercial and park spaces, and a safe and attractive pedestrian and bicycle network. The Milpitas Gateway-Main Street Specific Plan area encompasses approximately 600 acres and is bound by I-880 to the west, the BART rail line to the east, North Abel Street and Weller Lane to the north, and the Great Mall Parkway and Great Mall shopping center to the south.

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We are offering presentations to community groups and will meet with residents, business owners, employees, and other stakeholders who would like to learn about the Milpitas Gateway-Main Street Specific Plan and provide feedback. Email to connect with us.

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Jay Lee AICP, Principal Planner, City of Milpitas
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455 East Calaveras Blvd.

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The public is invited to submit comments or questions on any of the following projects.

Click here to access the Planning Commission agenda and public hearing material.

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The public is invited to submit comments or questions on any of the following projects:       

Project Name                                                                 Hearing Date                              Environmental Documents

Milpitas Objective Design Standards Public Draft           TBA                                             N/A
*  receiving public input through August 20th

New SF Hillside Residence – 489 Vista Ridge Dr            8/10/2022                                    N/A

Primrose Primrose Preschool – 1000 Jacklin Rd             8/24/2022                                    N/A

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